French Bread Pizzas: A Great Meal for a Crowd

When my house is brimming with hungry guests, I try to prepare a well-liked dish that is easy to prepare and affordable. French bread pizzas fit the bill and they also happen to be fun! To make French bread pizzas, you need some bread. French bread is the normal bread used to make them (as … [Read more...]

4 Strategies for Prioritizing Everything You Need To Do

A couple of weeks ago we considered the secret to getting everything done. In short, if we want to complete everything on our to-do lists, then we have to change our schedules so we’re only trying to complete 24 hours’ worth of tasks in each day. Some of us may be able to accomplish this by … [Read more...]

50 Fun Activities for Fathers and Their Toddlers

According to the Pew Research Center, mothers spend about twice as much time with their children as fathers do. Regardless of the reasons for this statistic, one consequence is that many fathers feel uncertain about what sort of activities to share with their toddlers—curious creatures who … [Read more...]

Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Pasta

Because it is often more affordable to purchase food items in bulk, I’ll frequently plan a couple of meals that use the same ingredients so I can take advantage of this cost savings. I’ve done this in the last couple of weeks by making a Tuscan Tortellini Skillet and this Cheesy Sausage and … [Read more...]

The Secret to Getting Everything Done

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt completely satisfied when I crossed the last item off of a to-do list. This is because I have another list—whether written down or in my mind—looming. This is the nature of life. If we’re going to eat, then we have to menu plan, grocery shop, and cook. If … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Understand that True Beauty is on the Inside

When I look at my daughters, I see the two most beautiful girls in the world. However, the older they get, the more I realize that I need to help them understand that the beauty that truly matters has nothing to do with how a person looks. Our culture teaches the exact opposite. If we listen … [Read more...]

Tuscan Tortellini Skillet

As I’m thinking through the best way to plan meals for my family, I’m continuing to try new recipes. One of the best we’ve tried recently is this Tuscan Tortellini Skillet. It’s rich in vegetables and in flavor! Ingredients (Adapted from this recipe.) 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 green bell … [Read more...]

30 Resources for a Safe and Fun Summer

When I was growing up, summer meant going on family vacations, playing outdoors for several hours each day, and eating frozen treats. It also meant lots of bumps and bruises, fights with my sister, and an occasional sunburn. With today being the “unofficial start to summer,” I thought it … [Read more...]

If You’d Just Let Me Help

My toddler grew extremely frustrated while we were grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. About halfway through our trip she grew tired of walking, so I lifted her into the seat portion of the cart and she proceeded to buckle the safety belt. As she was doing this, I realized that the … [Read more...]

7 Different Ways to Plan Meals

You don’t have to spend too much time with me (or reading this blog) to realize that I love making lists and planning. Naturally, this extends to meal planning. In recent weeks, I’ve been questioning if my menu planning approach is still the best for my family. Is there a more efficient way? … [Read more...]