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Easter Reflections

I’m rarely at a loss for words. However, today—a day situated between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday—I find myself with very little to say. Instead, I’m drawn to Scripture as I reflect on the events commemorated on these days. I’ve been reading the words of Isaiah regarding the Suffering … [Read more...]

Name That Egg

As I was looking up information on the nutritional benefits of eggs, I realized that eggs are pretty pervasive in American popular culture. Check out Name That Egg  to see what I mean. Name the egg or eggspression that corresponds with each definition The egg laid by the goose that met an … [Read more...]

His Way Works, Too

A few months ago I found my husband loading some dishes into the dishwasher. At first I was elated—after all, it meant there would be less work for me. As I watched him, though, I grew concerned because he wasn’t loading the dishwasher the correct way…you know, the way I load it. I started giving … [Read more...]

Rampant Reusing: Prescription Bottles

If you or anyone in your household routinely takes prescription medications, then dozens of prescription bottles likely pass through your house each year. I’ve long wondered if there wasn’t some constructive way to reuse the bottles. I think I’ve finally identified a few ways that just might … [Read more...]

It’s the Little Things About Spring

Spring 2013 officially begins today! It’s the little things about spring that gladden my heart and put a smile on my face. Warmer weather. How pleasant it is to step outside and be comfortable in a light jacket! The need for a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf has passed. I feel like I’ve been freed … [Read more...]

A Paradigm on Debt

I hear a lot about debt these days. Often the context is the national debt or the recent sequestration. The magnitude of these topics provides a momentary distraction from the debt my husband and I face. Since finishing college we’ve both taken steps toward debt-free living, which is an ideal we … [Read more...]

Italian Tomato Macaroni & Cheese

I like having homemade macaroni and cheese on the menu each month because it is a meatless entrée that is still hearty. For our most recent menu, I reviewed several recipes in an attempt to find a way to put a spin on the way I traditionally prepare macaroni and cheese. I pulled elements from a … [Read more...]

Password Security

The need for passwords for online accounts has become nearly ubiquitous in our society. There’s email, online banking, social media sites, online retailers, payment websites for utility companies, etc. (Just now I attempted to count how many usernames and passwords I have, but I gave up once I … [Read more...]

Common Housekeeping Conundrums: Onion-Induced Tears

Sometimes my husband comes home to find me weeping as I prepare dinner. He was concerned the first time it happened; now he knows it only means there’s onion in our dinner. There’s no lack of ideas regarding how to prevent this problem. In fact, it seems like every chef, homemaker, and student … [Read more...]

Time Change Safety Cues

When was the last time you tested your smoke alarms? If you’re like me, your answer is a shrug (I sure hope your answer isn’t that you don’t have any!). Given by background in nursing and public health, I’m generally very attentive to safety issues. However, I haven’t managed to find the motivation … [Read more...]