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Building Friendships with People Whose Views Differ From Yours

I met some amazing friends during college. Regardless of passing years and increasing geographic distance, many of my friends and I have managed to maintain our relationships. I have no doubt this is partially due to the fact that we share very similar views. With these girls, it’s easy to talk … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 3)

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at several basic credit-related topics. Today we’ll take a final look at the finer details of credit by examining what factors influence credit scores and how to build good credit. How different parts of your credit history impact your credit score As noted … [Read more...]

Book Review: Not Your Parents’ Marriage

My husband and I attend a couples’ small group offered by our church. Our group recently read Not Your Parents' Marriage: Bold Partnership for a New Generation by Jerome and Kellie Daley. The basic idea presented by the authors is that you bring with you into marriage expectations based on your past … [Read more...]

Common Housekeeping Conundrums: How Should Toilet Paper Hang?

The Common Housekeeping Conundrums series is an ongoing exploration of perplexing issues of both serious and trivial varieties that are encountered while caring for the home. The debate has raged since the advent of modern toilet paper: Should the end hang away from the wall and over the top … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 2)

Last week we looked at the definition of credit and at reasons to have credit (even for individuals who strive to live debt free). Today we’ll continue our look at the finer details of credit. Requesting a credit report The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act is a federal law that … [Read more...]

Battling Laziness

Do you ever struggle to get things done because you just don’t want to work on them? I’ve recently been struggling with this in a few areas of my life. There’s the stack of assorted documents on the corner of my desk that I need to go through. There’s the basket of pants and shirts that need mended. … [Read more...]

Easy Handmade Birthday Cards

Though I really enjoy being creative, I’m not all that skilled when it comes to most crafts. I always picture great results in my mind, but I can only execute my ideas successfully about half of the time! In order to save a few dollars, I try to make greeting cards whenever my husband and I need … [Read more...]

Housework as Exercise

I’m motivated to maintain my house and keep it clean for a number of reasons: stewardship, comfort and safety, the look and feel of clean surfaces, creating a warm environment for guests, etc. Now I can add physical fitness to the list. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 1)

Many of you know that my husband and I strive toward debt-free living. We avoid taking on new debt and we work hard to pay off our existing debt, which includes student loans, our mortgage, and a small amount we owe on my husband’s car. Though we’ve gleaned a lot of information about credit … [Read more...]

Ridiculous Lawn & Garden Gadgets

My husband and I spent last Saturday morning working in the yard. It could really use some improvements, so we’ve been contemplating various options and pricing the materials we would need. In the process, I’ve come across some outrageous gadgets for the lawn and garden. Hose Clothes – Do you … [Read more...]