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Creative Ways to Maintain Contact with Loved Ones Who Live Far Away

My husband and I are familiar with the challenge of staying connected with family members who live far away. We live in Maryland but our families live in and around Florida and Colorado. We aren’t able to travel to see our loved ones as often as we’d like, so we have to rely on other methods to stay … [Read more...]

Deciding When to Get Rid of Books

My husband and I have books in abundance. Would you like to read a biography? We’ve got everything from Walker’s William Carey: Missionary Pioneer and Statesman to Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi. If these don’t interest you we also have an account of Dr. Paul Farmer’s life and work by Tracy … [Read more...]

Summer 2013 Menu

After 3 months on our monthly menu for spring, we’re ready for a change (you can read more on why I plan monthly menus here). Our menu only includes dinner selections because we almost always eat leftovers with a side of fruit for lunch. For breakfasts I usually make a few items on the weekends and … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthier Grilling

Memorial Day is this Monday. Will you be among the many Americans who fire up their grills to barbeque dinner? My husband and I will be, so I’m reviewing some important health information about grilled foods. Grilling is often cited as a healthy way to prepare meat (because the meat doesn’t simmer … [Read more...]

When Virtuous Flowers Become Sinful Weeds

As my husband and I have been tidying our yard this spring, we’ve done some research on weeds. Do you know the difference between flowers and weeds? Weeds are defined as plants out of place or plants growing where they are not desired. According to this definition, even beautiful, well-loved flowers … [Read more...]

Forming Positive Relationships with Difficult Neighbors

Last week I wrote a post about the declining sense of connectedness between neighbors in our nation and why we need to reverse this trend (read the post here). It is often easy to assert the benefits of connectedness and make recommendations for getting to know your neighbors when speaking of … [Read more...]

Breaking Little Habits that Hamper Productivity

Catalyzed by my post on battling laziness, I’ve been focusing on some tasks that I’d previously avoided because I just didn’t want to work on them. Guess what? I'm making progress! I finally took care of the stacks of assorted documents that rendered my desk unusable. While focused on these … [Read more...]

Triclosan in Antibacterial Products: Harmful or Helpful?

Triclosan, a synthetic, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, has been added to various products including soaps, cosmetics, fabrics, and plastics since the 1970s. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asserts that triclosan is not known to be harmful to humans, they also state that regulators … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about neighbors a little more than I usually do. I began doing so after hearing a news story about 3 women who were kidnapped and then held captive for 10 years in a house in Cleveland. The general public and the media have asked how these women could be … [Read more...]

Navigating the Nutrition Maze: Cruciferous Vegetables

What’s your favorite vegetable? While a few of you are cringing at the question because you don’t like any vegetables, most of you do have a few you really enjoy eating. How about broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and collard greens? Do you like any of these? They are from the … [Read more...]