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Fall 2013 Menu

The weather is still pretty warm where I live, but the calendar indicates fall is quickly approaching. Among other things, this means my household is ready for a new monthly menu! You may recall that I periodically develop monthly menus. We use each for 3 consecutive months before moving on to a new … [Read more...]

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning Mix

Do you love ranch mix but hate monosodium glutamate (MSG)? Or perhaps you’re not sure you want to eat a mix that has maltodextrin (a food additive derived from starch) as a first ingredient? If this describes you, then get excited: It is super easy to make ranch seasoning mix from scratch! I … [Read more...]

Using Your Husband’s Love of Sports to Strengthen Your Marriage

My husband and I were out with friends at a baseball game a couple of weeks ago. Though we were focused more on conversation than the game, my husband always knew what was happening on the field. Occasionally he’d comment on plays or erupt in cheers. A similar thing happens when the topic of sports … [Read more...]

Mini Breakfast Stratas

Have you tried any of the recipes featured in the Cereal Killers post? I’ve been trying (and enjoying!) many of them. I don’t always have all of the necessary ingredients on hand, so sometimes I improvise. That’s precisely how I came up with this recipe for mini stratas. These savory bites are … [Read more...]

Jazzing Up Leftovers

Dinner leftovers comprise the majority of the lunches in my household. By eating them, we save money and avoid wasting food. Sometimes we really enjoy leftovers, but other times we merely tolerate them. Let’s be honest: Some foods just aren’t as good the second time around! In an attempt to … [Read more...]

Common Housekeeping Conundrums: Power Cord Management

Do the electrical cords behind your desk or entertainment center look like a bowl of spaghetti? No matter how neatly I lay the cords when I first plug them in, after a few months they become tangled. The cords on floor lamps are also a challenge. They look quite unattractive and can get out … [Read more...]

Use the Special Things

I tried to wear my favorite pair of Capri pants last week. Unfortunately, “tried” is as far as I got—I was unable to zip them up. (Apparently I’ve gained a few pounds since last summer!) I was stunned. No, it wasn’t that shocking that I’d gained some weight. What was shocking to me was how … [Read more...]

Frugal TIPbits: Give Haircuts at Home

Couples typically encounter a surprise or two when they create a budget for the first time after getting married. The biggest surprise for me was how much money my husband spent on haircuts. He prefers to keep his hair short, so this requires a monthly trim. At approximately $20 per cut, he was … [Read more...]

Growing Spiritually With Your Spouse

Are you and your husband spiritually close? Are you growing in your faith together? Though marriage is touted as an environment that promotes spiritual growth, many couples—even those who attend church together regularly—don’t feel that spiritually close. As my husband and I have fallen into … [Read more...]

That It May Benefit Those Who Listen: The Harm of Doom and Gloom Advice

“Just you wait until…” I cringe when I hear those words. Why? The vast majority of the time they are followed by doom and gloom advice. Sometimes it’s the veteran wife to the newlywed: “Just you wait until you’ve been married for a few years. He’ll stop making romantic gestures and you’ll by … [Read more...]