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She’s Here!

It’s been pretty quiet at OF THE HEARTH over the last couple of weeks. Why? I’ve been occupied with this blessing: My husband, Preston, and I welcomed our daughter, Amaris Gail, on October 7th. Amaris means “promised by God” and Gail means “my father rejoices.” She weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and … [Read more...]

Healthy Convenience Foods

I typically avoid purchasing convenience foods because they are pricy both in terms of their monetary cost and in terms of the toll they take on health. We all experience busy seasons (such as after the birth of a baby) where convenience foods can help us preserve our sanity. Are there any … [Read more...]

Encouraging Scriptures for Pregnancy

My husband and I are incredibly blessed to be expecting the little girl who currently resides in my womb, but will emerge any day now. I never want to lose sight of how grateful we are for her. To be honest, though, I’m pretty uncomfortable right now. My feet and ankles are swollen. My back … [Read more...]

Chicken and Vegetables in Curried Cream Sauce

My husband and I enjoy several varieties of curry, but on occasion we desire a dish that is a little milder. This affordable, nutritious dish is perfect for these times. Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1-2 teaspoons curry powder (depending on how mild of a flavor you … [Read more...]