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Summer 2015 Menu

Summer is about to arrive and we are excited for lots of fun in the sun and for our new menu! As I’ve shared many times previously, I periodically develop monthly menus. We use each for 3 consecutive months before moving on to a fresh one (see more on why and how I plan monthly menus … [Read more...]

10 Summer Get Together Ideas

Given that we often pack our summers with vacations, yard projects, and camping trips, it can be difficult to find time to get together and hang out with friends. It’s so important that we fellowship with our friends, though, so we shouldn’t put socializing on hold until the busy summer … [Read more...]

Food Safety at Barbecues and Picnics

‘Tis the season for picnics and barbecues. I’m eager to eat a juicy burger, flavorful baked beans, and refreshing watermelon. What I’m not eager for is foodborne illness, a surprisingly common consequence of improper food handling at these gatherings. Fortunately, several commonsense measures can … [Read more...]

What Determines if Your Day Is Good or Bad?

If you’re anything like me and many people I know, you absentmindedly respond to questions about your day with words such as “fine” or “okay.” If you really take time to reflect on your day instead of automatically responding with one of these neutral words, what factors determine if your day is … [Read more...]

Road Tripping with Baby: Tips for an Enjoyable Ride

Don’t you just love road trips—the miles of open road, beautiful scenery, and roadside curiosities to explore during stops? Well, at least that’s how it was before becoming the parent of an infant! Now the list goes something like this: a screaming baby in the backseat, a poopsplosion all over the … [Read more...]

Ways to Conserve Water Outside the Home

Last week we looked at dozens of ways we can conserve water in the home. Water conservation outside the home is just as important. In fact, given how much water is used in yards, it may be even more important! Water use outside the home is so critical because urban lawn watering is the single … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Anxieties of Motherhood

It wasn’t until I saw a second line appear on a home pregnancy test that I began to understand just how much anxiety is associated with motherhood. At first it was concerns about the possibility of miscarriage, preterm labor, or stillbirth. These concerns soon gave way to fears about SIDS and … [Read more...]

How to Spend Less Time Shopping for Groceries

I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping. It’s not an activity that I want to rush through; however, I have a daughter who accompanies me to the store and a busy schedule, so I can rarely grocery shop at a leisurely pace. If you need to get into the store, shop, and get out quickly, then you may … [Read more...]