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Why Staycations Aren’t as Lame as You Might Think

A couple of days ago I was looking into staycation ideas. I was surprised to see how many writers view staycations negatively! They described them with words like “stupid,” “boring,” and “pointless.” I’m certainly not a staycation ambassador, but I think the concept of vacationing at home or … [Read more...]

Relearning the Roles of Husband and Wife After Becoming Parents

A short time after we had our daughter, I began relating to my husband more as a co-parent than as a wife. I realized this was happening because I no longer looked forward to him coming home in the evening so I could spend time with him. Instead, I was eager for him to come home so that he could … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: How to Pay for Christmas

Most of us find it difficult, if not impossible, to finance Christmas out of December’s paychecks alone. That’s why in today’s installment of Christmas in July we’re going to discuss how to pay for Christmas. The Christmas in July series is all about planning ahead in order to avoid a … [Read more...]

Cheesy Baked Egg in Toast

I’m always on the lookout for easy, yummy breakfast recipes. When I saw this one on Pinterest, I knew I had to give it a try. I was quite pleased with how it turned out! Ingredients for each egg in toast (Adapted from this recipe.) 1 slice wheat bread 1 pat of butter One egg 1/8 to … [Read more...]

Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

We’re about to spend three long days on the road as we move across the country. I find it challenging to be cooped up in the car for long periods of time like this, but snacks somehow make the experience more tolerable. Instead of absentmindedly consuming tons of high-fat, high-sugar, and/or … [Read more...]

Simple Strategies to Help Your Home Show Well

Our move across the country is only a couple of weeks away. We’ve listed our house here and are hoping it sells quickly. Of course, hoping isn’t all we’ve done. We are working closely with a real estate agent and have enlisted some strategies to help our house show well. Our house isn’t brand … [Read more...]

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins

Every now and then I want to try something really fun and new for dinner. I had a couple of dishes on our menu that used potatoes, so I figured I’d come up with an additional recipe that would finish off the bag. I also had a couple of chicken breasts available, so I found a fresh way to use the … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Celebrating Christmas with Family Members Who Live Far Away

Where has the first half of this year gone? Somehow July has crept up on me! I imagine that December—and Christmas—will do the same. Thankfully, I take time each July to plan and prepare for Christmas. As I’ve explained previously, this is not an attempt to usher in the Christmas season … [Read more...]

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

The expenses associated with moving to a new home can add up quickly. This is especially true of long-distance moves. Though some expenses are unavoidable, others can be avoided or minimized with careful planning. Here are some of the frugal strategies my family is using as we move across the … [Read more...]