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Digital Bible or Printed Bible? Does it Matter Which You Use?

A couple of years ago I sat in church feeling a little unsettled at the number of congregants I saw around me using their phones. Were these individuals really sending text messages or checking social media during the sermon? It took me a few weeks to realize that they were actually using their … [Read more...]

Stovetop Lasagna

It’s always frustrating when I have a box of lasagna noodles that contains broken pieces of pasta—these don’t work very well in traditional lasagna. It recently occurred to me that I could use these to make “lasagna” on the stovetop. This dish has a flavor similar to that of traditional lasagna, but … [Read more...]

Dare to Prepare: Innovative Disaster Preparedness Tools and Equipment

Do you ever come across a tool or piece of equipment that is so innovative that you think it is pure genius? As I’ve done research for my own family and for these Dare to Prepare posts, I’ve come across some of these products. I’m going to share a few with you today. You can roll up your … [Read more...]

Fall 2015 Menu

Our summer has been quite busy, so we’re looking forward to a less eventful fall. We’re also looking forward to a new menu! I’ve explained previously about my menu planning process. In short, I periodically develop monthly menus. We use each for three consecutive months before moving on to a … [Read more...]

Choosing to Have Simple Kids’ Birthday Celebrations

My daughter, Amaris, will turn 1 year old in less than a month. What a bittersweet milestone! Though it may be trendy to celebrate a child’s birthday with an elaborate party that includes a bounce house, mobile petting zoo, food trucks, and party favors, we’re choosing a much simpler … [Read more...]

Finding Peace with the Reality That You Can’t Do It All

A couple of weeks ago my husband started a new job. Instead of seeing him off on his first day with a kiss and an encouraging word, I was asleep in bed. I felt awful when I woke up and realized I had slept through his departure! My 9-month-old daughter was going through a rough phase where … [Read more...]

Dare to Prepare: 8 of the Best Foods to Keep in Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

As part of National Preparedness Month (observed every September), I like to take a straightforward look at various disaster preparedness topics (see the series page for a complete list of the topics we’ve explored previously). This year, as I update my family’s preparedness plan and … [Read more...]

Making Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

After a somewhat arduous move across the country, my family is finally settling into a temporary residence. We’re blessed that we’ve been able to begin searching for a new house right away because our previous one sold quickly. However, until we complete our search, we’re residing in a small … [Read more...]