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Practicing Hospitality When Your Guests Have Food Allergies

Today we are going to tackle another question from a reader. Her question is highly relevant to me and I think many of you will find it relevant, too. Rosie in New Jersey asked the following: "It seems that everyone today has food allergies and intolerances. How do you safely welcome these … [Read more...]

Santa Fe Spaghetti

When I saw this recipe in a cookbook recently, I immediately wanted to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Though it uses ingredients that we typically have on hand, it has a very different flavor than the pasta dishes we usually consume. Ingredients (Significantly adapted from the Favorite Brand Name … [Read more...]

He Makes All Things New

I’m the sort of person who really likes predictability and routine. Subsequently, I’m often not a fan of new things. When I have a daily routine that works, I don’t like for it to be interrupted. When I have a pair of walking shoes that I really like, I loathe when they get so worn out that I have … [Read more...]

7 Ways Stay-at-Home Moms Can Connect with One Another

When I first became a stay-at-home mom, I was surprised at how lonely I felt. I was never alone because I had a little baby with me all of the time, but the only adult I had daily contact with was my husband. As time has passed and we’ve moved to a new community, I’ve discovered a number of … [Read more...]

God is With You

I’ve been meditating recently on God’s omnipresence—that He is present in all places at all times. I take great comfort in this because sometimes I feel overwhelmed and underappreciated in my role as a stay-at-home mom. It feels good to know that God sees the hard work I do. God sees when I’m … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

As I noted when I shared my menu for this spring, I’ve tried to focus on easy-to-prepare dishes. My husband loves Louisiana Creole and Cajun dishes, so when I saw that this one is prepared in a slow cooker I knew we had to try it. Ingredients Adapted from the Favorite Brand Name One-Dish Recipes … [Read more...]

Baby “Essentials” You May Want to Skip

When you look at baby supply checklists, it is easy to see why people say that babies are so expensive. You’re sure to break the bank if you purchase all of these purported essentials! The good news is that not all of these must-haves are essential. Many are convenient to have, but you’ll do … [Read more...]

Cost of Homemade vs. Prepackaged Breakfast Sandwiches

Homemade foods tend to be healthier and often cost less than their prepackaged counterparts. Thus, whenever possible, I try to make homemade varieties. Sometimes I wonder if it is really more affordable to make homemade versions. This week my husband and I crunched some numbers so we could … [Read more...]

8 Everyday Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing neighbors in our new neighborhood. We’re so grateful for this and are committed to being good neighbors to them. Unfortunately, the term “neighbors” often doesn’t conjure up the feelings of warmth, cooperation, and solidarity that it once did. There … [Read more...]

Spring 2016 Menu

I’m chasing after a toddler and dealing with the fatigue of pregnancy, so I’ve focused on easy-to-prepare meals while planning my family’s menu for this spring. I’ve detailed my menu planning process previously (read about it here). In summary, I develop a new monthly menu at the start of … [Read more...]