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Riveting Reads: March and April 2016

As I did in February, I am going to take a break from my normal posts to share with you some inspiring, insightful, and thought-provoking posts that I have read on other blogs during the last two months. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Riveting reads from March and April 2016 Jo … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways to Refresh Yourself Midday

I’m always excited to get some things done and to have a little “me time” when I put my daughter down for nap in the afternoon. Unfortunately, on many days I don’t get anything accomplished during her nap because I find myself feeling tired and having trouble focusing. Thankfully, there are a … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Buying New Appliances

We recently bought appliances for our newly purchased house. We knew when we first looked at the house that we would need to provide our own fridge, washer, and dryer, but we soon learned that it would be best to replace all of the kitchen appliances. We did a lot of research before making … [Read more...]

Cajun Chicken Penne

When we eat out at restaurants, my husband often orders Cajun pasta dishes. Because he likes them so much, I decided to add one to our menu this spring. I think he’ll be asking for this to be included on future menus! Ingredients (Adapted from this recipe.) 3 cups penne pasta (uncooked … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse During Everyday Activities

We all know that our marriages are strengthened by date nights, weekend getaways, and similar activities that allow us uninterrupted time to focus on our spouses. Though they are very beneficial, these activities only comprise a small fraction of our marriages. Most of our time is spent completing … [Read more...]

5 Wonderful Things About Living in a Large Home

A couple of weeks ago we examined some of the wonderful benefits of living in a small home. I didn’t recognize all of these benefits until my family moved from our small home into a larger one. Though these benefits are great, I’ve discovered that there are also a number of wonderful things … [Read more...]

Dos and Don’ts of Toddler Bedtime Routines

We’ve always tried to follow a loose bedtime routine with our daughter. This routine will soon take on new importance as we transition her to a “big girl bed” to free up the crib for the baby we will welcome this summer. All toddlers, not just those undergoing transitions, benefit from … [Read more...]

How to Have Respectful Conversations About Politics

The current political scene in the U.S. is unlike any I’ve seen before. Candidates and issues are garnering unprecedented amounts of attention. Regardless of if you are liberal or conservative, it’s likely you will find yourself discussing some political issue with family members or friends … [Read more...]

Southwest Ham and Cheese Quiche

It’s hard to go wrong with quiche. Perhaps it’s that a quiche is essentially a meal in a dish or that quiches typically contain cheese. Whatever the reason, they’re wonderful. I’ve recently added this one to my list of favorites. Ingredients (From the Favorite Brand Name One-Dish Recipes … [Read more...]

Inessential Baby Items That Are Worth The Splurge

When I wrote about inessential baby items a few weeks ago, I intentionally limited the number of items I mentioned. The main reason for this is that the post would have been really, really long if I would have been inclusive. Another reason is that there are a number of inessential baby items that I … [Read more...]