50 Things We Should Do More Often in the Coming Year

When I was writing a thank-you note a few days ago, it occurred to me that I should write notes of this nature more often. I’ve recently had similar thoughts about other actions.

It’s often the small actions that make big differences in our lives. Here are 50 of these that we should do more often during the coming year.

In fact, when I really think about it, there are scores of simple, but beneficial things I ought to do more frequently. Here, in no particular order, are 50 of those things.

  1. Write thank-you notes
  2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  3. Listen in order to understand, not just to formulate a response
  4. Get out of bed the first time the alarm sounds
  5. Select eco-friendly products
  6. Memorize Bible verses
  7. Learn how to spell commonly misspelled words
  8. Connect with friends from the past
  9. Call friends on the phone instead of texting or connecting via social media
  10. Make new friends
  11. Go on walks
  12. Get rid of unneeded stuff
  13. Donate unneeded items (if they’re in good shape) to thrift stores that support worthy causes
  14. Donate money to charities
  15. Volunteer with charities
  16. Use the treasured items reserved for special occasions
  17. Get to know the in-laws better
  18. Read thought-provoking books
  19. Be grateful
  20. Put additional money in an emergency fund
  21. Pray for government leaders
  22. Pray for neighbors and the community
  23. Pray for family members and friends
  24. Pray…just pray
  25. Do little things to rekindle the romance of early marriage
  26. Practice hospitality
  27. Laugh
  28. Say “I love you” to family members
  29. Enjoy the present moment
  30. Engage in traditions and rituals with family
  31. Take breaks from screens (computers, phones, TVs, etc.)
  32. Eat vegetables
  33. Take long, relaxing baths
  34. Go to bed earlier
  35. Say “I’m sorry” and take responsibility for failings
  36. Dress up
  37. Speak words of encouragement to others
  38. Resist the temptation to complain
  39. Watch sunrises and sunsets
  40. Tip generously for good service
  41. Let go of anxieties
  42. Get to know neighbors
  43. Be a good neighbor
  44. Write letters and emails to communicate opinions to elected officials
  45. Attend community events
  46. Think before speaking
  47. Support local businesses
  48. Arrive on time for church
  49. Put papers (bills, notices, personal correspondence, etc.) away instead of putting them in stacks that need to be dealt with later
  50. Defeat procrastination

I don’t share this list to make you feel like you need to add to your to-do list or form another New Year’s resolution. We’re all busy enough with these as it is!

However, many of these actions are things we can do with minimal premeditation and effort, so I’m finding ways to smoothly integrate several of them into my everyday life. I hope you’ll find ways to do the same! After all, it’s often the small actions that make big differences in our lives.

What things would you like to do more often next year?






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