8 Ways to Decorate Front Windows for Christmas

Though I love decorating for Christmas, I have no motivation to get up on a ladder and hang Christmas lights on the house. My husband lacks this motivation, as well, and we’re uninterested in having any bulky decorations out in our yard. As you might guess, this means that thus far our homes have lacked exterior Christmas decorations.

I’d like to change this by decorating our front windows. We have five windows that face the street (two downstairs and three upstairs). It seems to me that decorating these windows would add a festive touch to our home’s exterior without being too labor intensive.

Here are eight ideas I’ve discovered as I’ve looked into ways to decorate these windows for Christmas.

Decorating front windows adds a festive touch to a home’s exterior. Check out these eight delightful ways to decorate windows for Christmas.

  1. Wreaths on the windows and greenery with ornaments in the window boxes shared by Between Naps on the Porch
  2. Greenery and bows around the window shared by Altogether Christmas
  3. Garland swag and ornaments on window shared by Two Twenty One
  4. Backlit manger window poster (affiliate link) shared by Amazon
  5. Wreaths on the shutters shared by Thrifty Décor Chick
  6. Candle in the window shared by Harvard Homemaker
  7. Santa climbing a window shutter shared by LoveToKnow
  8. Star-shaped lights hanging in the window shared by Shabby in Love

These are great, aren’t they? Which is your favorite?  I’ll let you know if I decide to customize one of these ideas for my home.

Do you decorate the front windows of your home? If so, how do you do this?






  1. These are so cool! I also lack all motivation for putting lights on a house, so someday if/when we’re in a house, I don’t plan on doing that!
    I think my favorites, out of the ones here, are wreaths on the shutters (it just looks so quaint and old-fashioned) and the star shaped lights hanging down 🙂

    • I love those, too. We weren’t able to use any of these ideas this year (purchasing decorations wasn’t in our budget), but hopefully I’ll get to next year!

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