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Welcome to OF THE HEARTH, my home on the web. My name is Shannon. I’m so glad you are here!

Have you ever grown after being challenged by some experience associated with your routine activities? I’ve experienced this a number of times. In fact, these experiences are the reason I started this blog. OF THE HEARTH is a venue for thoughtfully discussing everyday topics in a way that facilitates growth into Christ’s likeness, supports cultivation of family, and provides inspiration for making a positive difference in the world. [Read More…]


About the Blog

For many centuries the hearth (a stone or brick fireplace) was the central and most important feature of a home. It was indispensable because it heated the home and aided in food preparation. Some hearths are located in smithies instead of in homes. These hearths, known as forges, are used by smiths to heat metals. The metals become easier to shape when they are hot, allowing smiths to use tools such as hammers and chisels to forge the metals into various shapes. Given the roles of the hearth in the home and smithy, the term is now sometimes used to describe centers of vitality and creativity. In many ways, these definitions—a gathering place that provides warmth and nourishment, a place of formation, a center of vitality and creativity—embody the spirit of this blog. [Read More…]



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