About Me

ShannonWelcome to OF THE HEARTH, my home on the web. My name is Shannon. I’m so glad you are here!

Have you ever grown after being challenged by some experience associated with your routine activities? I’ve experienced this a number of times. In fact, these experiences are the reason I started this blog. OF THE HEARTH is a venue for thoughtfully discussing everyday topics in a way that facilitates growth into Christ’s likeness, supports cultivation of family, and provides inspiration for making a positive difference in the world.

I’m a passionate learner and I love to cook. I’m revitalized by a good book or a brisk walk outdoors in the sunshine. I have a unique appreciation for humor. I enjoy completing craft projects, though I’m often not that great at them. I used to enjoy my employment in health promotion, but I’ve stepped away from this in order to be a full-time homemaker. My hope is to live life in such a way that God can turn to me as I enter eternity and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

My husband and I are remarkably similar in character, yet dramatically different in personality. About the only commonality in our backgrounds is that we both became Christians as children and had experiences through our teen and young adult years that challenged and subsequently solidified our faiths. We grew up in different states and in different cultural environments. We studied very different disciplines at colleges that were thousands of miles apart. We met on an online community for Christian singles. We exchanged marriage vows a short time later. He’s a treasure and I thank God for him every day. We are blessed to be the parents of two wonderful daughters who we conceived after a painful struggle with infertility.

Wedding Day

On our wedding day.

Family Pic Winter 2016

A family photo from December 2016.

Most of my routine activities relate to keeping the home, so I frequently write posts on topics related to this. However, given that life is multifaceted, I don’t limit myself to these topics. I also focus a lot on health. This stems from my interest in various health topics and from my background. I have two public health degrees from Baylor (Sic ‘em Bears!) and a nursing degree from UTHealth. I also emphasize relationships. In a culture rife with uncertainty, “me first” mentalities, and weak commitments, the significance of serving others in relationships that are fashioned on Biblical principles cannot be overemphasized.

me in armenia

Teaching about pregnancy while on a mission trip to Armenia in 2009.

On occasion I publish posts that have little value beyond humor. Though these may not facilitate growth per se, I find they rejuvenate my spirit so I am able to respond appropriately to the challenges of life. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

I invite you to stop by often and join in the conversation!