10 Money Wasters at the Grocery Store

A couple of weeks ago we considered a number of cheap and nutritious foods that are great purchases for those of us who are pinching pennies. In contrast to these foods, there are a number of grocery items—including many with relatively low prices—that are wastes of money. Let’s consider … [Read more...]

10 Really Cheap Foods that Are Also Really Nutritious

Keeping the grocery bill low is a challenge. It seems like this is especially true when I’m trying to purchase nutritious foods for my family. However, the reality is that healthy foods aren’t always expensive. By purchasing several unprocessed or minimally processed foods and cooking with them … [Read more...]

Budget-Friendly Dinners Roundup

Every time I visit the grocery store it seems like food prices have increased. My husband’s salary hasn’t increased proportionally and we keep adding to our family, so we must find ways to pay for increasing amounts of increasingly expensive food. As I’m beginning to brainstorm for our summer … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Useful Printables on Of The Hearth

There are few things I love sharing with you more than printables. I enjoy sharing these so much because I use several on an everyday basis in order to keep my own home organized! Though all of my printables are useful (view them here), I have learned over the last couple of years that some … [Read more...]

Eating Out While On a Tight Budget

You can generally prepare a homemade meal for the entire family for the price of one entrée at a restaurant. Subsequently, if you’re on a tight budget, then eating out probably isn’t something you should do very often! This is a somewhat discouraging reality for many of us. My household is on … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Buying New Appliances

We recently bought appliances for our newly purchased house. We knew when we first looked at the house that we would need to provide our own fridge, washer, and dryer, but we soon learned that it would be best to replace all of the kitchen appliances. We did a lot of research before making … [Read more...]

5 Wonderful Things About Living in a Large Home

A couple of weeks ago we examined some of the wonderful benefits of living in a small home. I didn’t recognize all of these benefits until my family moved from our small home into a larger one. Though these benefits are great, I’ve discovered that there are also a number of wonderful things … [Read more...]

Inessential Baby Items That Are Worth The Splurge

When I wrote about inessential baby items a few weeks ago, I intentionally limited the number of items I mentioned. The main reason for this is that the post would have been really, really long if I would have been inclusive. Another reason is that there are a number of inessential baby items that I … [Read more...]

7 Wonderful Things About Living in a Small Home

I absolutely love our new house. One of the many fantastic things about it is that we have room to grow. It is 1,100 sq. ft. larger than our previous house, giving us an additional bedroom, an additional bathroom, and more living space than we had before. We’re so grateful for the additional … [Read more...]

Baby “Essentials” You May Want to Skip

When you look at baby supply checklists, it is easy to see why people say that babies are so expensive. You’re sure to break the bank if you purchase all of these purported essentials! The good news is that not all of these must-haves are essential. Many are convenient to have, but you’ll do … [Read more...]