4 Strategies for Prioritizing Everything You Need To Do

A couple of weeks ago we considered the secret to getting everything done. In short, if we want to complete everything on our to-do lists, then we have to change our schedules so we’re only trying to complete 24 hours’ worth of tasks in each day. Some of us may be able to accomplish this by … [Read more...]

The Secret to Getting Everything Done

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt completely satisfied when I crossed the last item off of a to-do list. This is because I have another list—whether written down or in my mind—looming. This is the nature of life. If we’re going to eat, then we have to menu plan, grocery shop, and cook. If … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Understand that True Beauty is on the Inside

When I look at my daughters, I see the two most beautiful girls in the world. However, the older they get, the more I realize that I need to help them understand that the beauty that truly matters has nothing to do with how a person looks. Our culture teaches the exact opposite. If we listen … [Read more...]

8 Reasons To Love Your Local Library

As I’ve used our library system more and more, I’ve realized that it offers a lot for community members. We can check out books, of course, but lending books is just one of the services it provides. I recently learned that many libraries celebrate a “love your library” week or month during … [Read more...]

7 Things Christians Can Do To Promote Racial Unity

The Bible is clear that all mankind is made in the image of God and that He shows no partiality towards people of any race (Genesis 1:27, Acts 10:34-35, Romans 2:9-11). Despite this and years of hard work by individuals promoting unity and equality, there is still a lot of racial discord in our … [Read more...]

Sacrificing at the Altar of Getting Things Done

If you’ve read a lot here on Of The Hearth, then you’re likely aware that I value hard work and productivity. Whether I'm battling laziness, identifying the reasons I struggle to get things done, or trying to overcome procrastination, it seems I'm always trying to get more done. Given I spend … [Read more...]

50 Things We Should Do More Often in the Coming Year

When I was writing a thank-you note a few days ago, it occurred to me that I should write notes of this nature more often. I’ve recently had similar thoughts about other actions. In fact, when I really think about it, there are scores of simple, but beneficial things I ought to do more … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important to Make Time to Read

I’ve always enjoyed reading. During my teen years, I preferred reading over other pursuits that were common among my peers. As an adult, reading remains one of my favorite activities. What has changed is that these days I rarely feel like I have time to read. As a wife and mom of young … [Read more...]

Nipping Discontentedness in the Bud

My mind was swarming with negative thoughts as we drove to church a few weeks ago. I wish I had more time to get things done. I wish my infant would nap for longer stretches. I wish my husband would help out a little more around the house. Though these thoughts were about different things, they were … [Read more...]

Hitting Reset After a Bad Day

Last week I had one of those days. You know what I’m talking about, right? A day when everything that could possibly go wrong did. That night, as I sat nursing my infant before going to sleep, I silently rejoiced that the Lord promises us new mercies each day (Lamentations 3:22-23). As … [Read more...]