Finding Time for Friendship

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with some friends about how busy life seems. We all agreed that when we were single and first married, we thought we were busy (and, to be fair, we did have many important things that occupied our time). However, now that we’re in the trenches of parenthood, we … [Read more...]

How to Have a Hospitality-Ready Heart

Last week we looked at some ways to have hospitality-ready homes. I mentioned several practical strategies, but one strategy—preparing to welcome guests with genuine enthusiasm—is not practical. Instead, it relates to the state of our hearts. In trying to prepare my heart for hospitality, … [Read more...]

How to Have a Hospitality-Ready Home

This last summer, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, our AC stopped working. It was June and we live in southeast Texas, so you can imagine how hot it was in our house! I’ll never forget how two gracious friends invited us to stay with them until technicians were able to fix our AC. They had no warning, … [Read more...]

Calling Others on the Phone Can Be Hard—But It’s Worth It!

Today’s post is from AnneMarie, a guest contributor from Sacrifice of Love. I quickly peeled the foil wrapper off of the chocolate and popped the dark, slightly bitter morsel into my mouth. As I savored the creamy texture, my eyes glanced down at the wrapper that now lay empty on the table. A … [Read more...]

Gifts for the Newlyweds Who Don’t Need Much

Today’s post is from AnneMarie, a guest contributor from Sacrifice of Love. As summer begins each year, my refrigerator typically begins to showcase at least one or two wedding invitations. Each wedding brings a lot of excitement, fun, and anticipation…and gift-giving. I like giving and … [Read more...]

What to Include in a Care Package for a Loved One with a Chronic Disease

Living with a chronic disease means facing many challenges. These challenges go beyond the physical consequences of the disease (which are significant enough) and include financial hardships, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. My husband and I are quite familiar with these challenges because … [Read more...]

Practicing Hospitality When Your Guests Have Food Allergies

Today we are going to tackle another question from a reader. Her question is highly relevant to me and I think many of you will find it relevant, too. Rosie in New Jersey asked the following: "It seems that everyone today has food allergies and intolerances. How do you safely welcome these … [Read more...]

7 Ways Stay-at-Home Moms Can Connect with One Another

When I first became a stay-at-home mom, I was surprised at how lonely I felt. I was never alone because I had a little baby with me all of the time, but the only adult I had daily contact with was my husband. As time has passed and we’ve moved to a new community, I’ve discovered a number of … [Read more...]

5 Ways Married Women Can Support Their Single Friends

In the years before I met my husband, I watched my good friends meet, date, and say “I do” to the men of their dreams. As the only single woman among my friends, I often felt alone and misunderstood. I promised myself at that time that if I were ever in their place that I would go out of my way to … [Read more...]

7 Fall Get Together Ideas

Autumn is finally upon us and I’m thinking that it would be nice to have a list of get together ideas akin to the one I made for summer. If you’ll be spending time with friends this fall, then you may be able to make use of some of these ideas. Fall get together ideas Go on a hayride. … [Read more...]