How to Kindly Bring Safety Issues to the Attention of Other Moms

Several months ago my husband and I were visiting with another couple when the wife mentioned she was eager to turn her daughter’s car seat to face forward once she turned one year old. This statement concerned me because I’m familiar with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that … [Read more...]

10 Summer Get Together Ideas

Given that we often pack our summers with vacations, yard projects, and camping trips, it can be difficult to find time to get together and hang out with friends. It’s so important that we fellowship with our friends, though, so we shouldn’t put socializing on hold until the busy summer … [Read more...]

Maintaining Friendships Across Life Stages

Years ago, when I was still single, I noticed that something weird happened as my friends got married: An invisible wedge developed between us and our friendships were tested. The same thing happened when they began having children and I remained childless. I’ve heard other women share about similar … [Read more...]

Affordable, Easy-to-Prepare Meals for Large Groups

We have several family members coming to spend the week of Thanksgiving with us. As much as I love cooking, I’d rather spend time visiting with my loved ones than in the kitchen preparing meals. We’re also on a tight budget, so I don’t want to break the bank when purchasing foods for us to … [Read more...]

Welcoming New Neighbors

A “For Rent” sign recently went up in the window of a nearby house. This means we’ll likely have new neighbors moving in soon. I’ve noted previously that Americans have experienced a decline in their sense of connectedness with their neighbors. If we are to carry out the Biblical command to … [Read more...]

Fun and Frugal Double Date Ideas

Some time ago we looked at why it benefits couples to have friendships with other couples (read about the benefits of couple friendships here). There are lots of ways to spend time with couple friends, but it can be particularly fun to go on double dates. It’s not always easy to come up with … [Read more...]

Making Friends as an Adult

When I’ve written about friendship in the past, I’ve received comments regarding how challenging it is to make friends in adulthood. It seems that the ease and excitement that once accompanied the process of making friends grows wearisome as we get further from childhood. My husband and I … [Read more...]

Writing Supportive Messages in Sympathy Cards

Have you ever been at a loss for words when trying to write a supportive message in a sympathy card? Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s even beneficial to send one? Cards can be a significant source of encouragement and support when you’re grieving. There’s no one message that is suitable for … [Read more...]

Embracing Quirks

Sometimes my husband comes into the kitchen as I finish preparing dinner. He’ll share a story or ask me a question as I line up our drinks and food to be transported to the table. I feel it’s pretty obvious at these times that I could use a hand transporting our dinner to the table, yet my husband … [Read more...]

Encourage Others in Hospitality: Be a Good Dinner Guest

When I think about hospitality, I often consider ways my husband and I can bless others in our home. Which friends can we invite over for fellowship? Are family or friends in need of a place to stay while vacationing in the area? Can we host a baby shower or birthday party for a friend? It … [Read more...]