Celebrating New Life This Easter

On Wednesday I shared about what it means to wait on the Lord. I alluded to the difficulty my husband and I have had trying to conceive.

After trying to get pregnant for longer than we ever thought we’d have to try, we received some devastating news from my doctor in January. However, our God—our loving and faithful God—surprised us in early February with an answer to our prayers.

Coming October 2014 | This Easter we’re celebrating new life: the empty tomb and a full womb.

We are blessed to be expecting our first child! We will welcome our little one in mid-October.

While many of you will rejoice with me when you hear this news, some of you may cringe because you are hurting. If you are struggling with infertility or aching because of a loss, please allow me to pray for you. Leave a comment below or send me an email (ofthehearth@gmail.com) and I’ll gladly pray for you.

This Easter we’re celebrating new life: the empty tomb and a full womb.

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  1. Janet Olson says:

    What a wonderful celebration you’re having this season!! I took Clomid for infertility for 12 months. The last visit to the doctor, he said I’d developed an allergy to the medication and there was no way I could get pregnant with that med. Take some time off and we’ll try something else. Well, a few weeks later I was in the ER with asthmatic bronchitis and they wanted to do an x-ray. My period hadn’t come on time (norm for me) but just on the off chance, I had them do a blood test. I was pregnant!! Neither my husband or myself had a relationship with the Lord then, but now we can look back at this and many, many other things in our lives and see His workings. What a wonderful gift. Joyful, thankful prayers for you!

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Janet! It is truly amazing to look back and see how the Lord has worked in our lives. We serve a wonderful God!

  2. This news makes my day! Congratulations!
    Keep us updated on how you’re doing.

  3. Congratulations. My sister had had a stilborn and had problems getting pregnant. She finally became pregnant and was able to carry my nephew full-term with no complications, so I understand how you feel as our family went through similar circumstances.

  4. Norma VanMatre says:

    I am so happy for you two! He is a great and awesome God! Just another reminder that all things happen in His good time. God Bless!

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