Gift Ideas for Teens

My husband and I have a couple of teenagers on our Christmas gift list. The more I try to brainstorm gifts for them, the more I realize how little I remember about being a teenager!

Though it can be challenging to find gifts for teenagers, there are some great possibilities! Check out these fun, useful gift ideas for teens.

After thinking on it for some time, I’ve come up with a number of fun and/or beneficial gifts for the teens in our lives. Perhaps they’ll be useful for those in your life, too!

Great gifts for teenagers

Digital photo frame. I remember taking a lot of photos when I was a teen. Of course, this meant going to the store to get film developed. If the “selfie” phenomenon is any indication, then teens today take a lot of photos, too. Because they are using digital cameras and phones to take these photos, they rarely get printed. Why not get the teens in your life digital photo frames to display all of these pictures? Some frames even have iPhone and Android apps that allow photos to be added to the frame directly from smart phones or via social media.

Clip on cup holder. If the teens in your life are always toting around a cup of coffee or water bottle, then they might appreciate this clip on cup holder. It can be attached to a variety of flat surfaces, including a desk or TV tray, to reduce the risk of the drinks spilling but to still keep the drinks nearby.

Discussion starters. The prevalence of technology in our society means many teens are connected to the internet, but not necessarily to their families. These teens might benefit from conversation starters such as TableTopics Teen that provide ice breaker-style questions that can get them talking with family and friends. The cards would also be fun to use at sleepovers and similar gatherings.

Fun alarm clock. Teens have a propensity for oversleeping and running late for school or work. If this is true for the teens on your gift list, consider getting them fun alarm clocks. One example is a runaway alarm clock on wheels. It rolls off of the nightstand and rolls across the room, requiring the user to chase after it to turn it off.

Roadside assistance kit. If a teen on your list recently got, or will soon get, his or her driver’s license, then a roadside assistance kit is a really great option. The teen may not be super enthusiastic to receive such a practical gift, but it is very useful and demonstrates your concern for his or her safety.

Fiction books. I often had my nose in books as a teen. I’m so glad I did because I believe this recreational reading helped enhance my vocabulary, broaden my interests, and boost my reading comprehension (all of these have benefited me as an adult). Not sure what books might interest teens? For teen girls, I recommend the Christy Miller Collection, a series of wholesome, engaging books that follow the ups and downs of a fictional teen girl. These books are so engaging because the character’s experiences are very realistic. I’m not really versed in books that teen boys will enjoy, but I’ve heard that the Homelanders series is very good.

Survival handbook. If you have teens in your life who enjoy camping or other outdoor activities, then they may enjoy reading tips on how to survive in various environments. The U.S. Army Survival Handbook is an entertaining, information-rich example of a book that provides these tips.

Wallet-sized multitool. The PocketMonkey is a multitool (screwdriver, hex wrench set, bottle opener, etc.) that is no larger than a credit card. It is shaped like a monkey, which makes it attractive to the teens in your life. Of course, it would be a useful gift for the adults on your gift list, too!

What gift ideas do you have for teens? Share them in the comments below.

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