Make Your Own Breastfeeding Necklace

Like many infants her age, my daughter has begun wiggling, poking, tugging at my hair, and pinching while she nurses. Though these behaviors can be a bit frustrating, they’re a good sign—they’re completely appropriate for her age and show that she’s on track developmentally.

Be that as it may, how can I get her to settle down and eat? I’ve found a solution in a breastfeeding necklace.

What is a breastfeeding necklace?

A breastfeeding necklace is a piece of jewelry designed to capture baby’s attention while nursing. These necklaces can be made of various materials (cloth, yarn, wooden beads, etc.) and are often brightly colored.

How to make a breastfeeding necklace

You can purchase necklaces made by others (see examples here) or you can easily make one of your own. Here’s how I made one:


  • Shoelace (or a similar string)
  • Large wooden beads
  • Scrap fabric and ribbon
  • Large buttons


String the beads and buttons on the shoelace and tie strips of fabric and ribbon between them.

Does your baby play around while nursing? Help him or her settle down and eat by enlisting the help of a DIY nursing necklace.


It doesn’t get any easier than that! Though this is a nursing necklace, not a teething necklace, keep in mind that baby will be touching the necklace and might at some point put it in his or her mouth. Thus, be sure to use child-safe beads (I used lacing beads designed for children) and wash the fabrics and ribbons before adding them.

My daughter loves grasping and gazing at the necklace! This was a great item to make because it cost next to nothing to create but it is incredibly useful.

Have you ever used a breastfeeding necklace? Was it helpful?

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  1. What a wonderful idea!

  2. I think we need this! Little man is soo distracted. Sounds like a great idea to give him something to focus on and eat! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great idea. I could have used it for some of my children. I had one baby though that would pinch me with the hand that was tucked behind me. I finally figured out to give him a toy to play with which worked until he dropped it. 🙂 Always something challenging with breastfeeding but so worth it.

    • Yes, definitely worth it. 🙂
      A toy is a good idea, though I can see it being dropped and this being an issue.

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