Name That Egg

As I was looking up information on the nutritional benefits of eggs, I realized that eggs are pretty pervasive in American popular culture. Check out Name That Egg  to see what I mean.

Check out Name That Egg trivia and see how familiar you are with eggs in American popular culture.

Name the egg or eggspression that corresponds with each definition

  1. The egg laid by the goose that met an unfortunate end because of its foolish, greedy owners. It is referred to in an idiom about unprofitable actions motivated by greed.
  2. A popular brand of hosiery introduced by Hanes in 1969.
  3. A sum of money saved for the future.
  4. An “as seen on TV” contraption that gives feet an incredibly soft look and feel.
  5. A character, often portrayed as an egg, who fell off a wall and couldn’t be reassembled.
  6. An anti-intellectual epithet akin to the terms “nerd” and “geek.”
  7. Being embarrassed or looking stupid because of something you’ve done.
  8. A raised bump on the head that develops after one gets struck.
  9. Ornamental eggs created between the years of 1885 to 1916. They are made of precious metals or hard stones and are decorated with enamel and gem stones.
  10. Risking everything by putting all of your efforts or money into one course of action or plan.

 Eggs and eggspressions

  1. The golden egg. (“Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg” is the idiom.)
  2. L’eggs.
  3. Nest egg.
  4. Ped Egg.
  5. Humpty Dumpty.
  6. Egghead.
  7. To have egg on your face.
  8. Goose egg.
  9. Fabergé eggs.
  10. To put all your eggs in one basket.


  1. Cute! I didn’t realize how many “egg” idioms we use.

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