10 Money Wasters at the Grocery Store

A couple of weeks ago we considered a number of cheap and nutritious foods that are great purchases for those of us who are pinching pennies. In contrast to these foods, there are a number of grocery items—including many with relatively low prices—that are wastes of money. Let’s consider … [Read more...]

Finding Time for Friendship

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with some friends about how busy life seems. We all agreed that when we were single and first married, we thought we were busy (and, to be fair, we did have many important things that occupied our time). However, now that we’re in the trenches of parenthood, we … [Read more...]

It’s Easy to Win When You’re the Only One Running the Race

My two-year-old sort of understands the idea of a race. She’ll zoom down the hall and around the living room before extending her hands and happily declaring, “I won!” She understands that one is supposed to run as quickly as he or she can, but she clearly doesn’t understand the concept of … [Read more...]

Dear Mom, I Didn’t Really Understand

Dear Mom, On occasion I hear you make self-deprecating comments about your abilities as a mom (e.g., “I know I wasn’t that great of a mom,” “She’s the mom I wish I could have been,” “I could have done so much better”). Before I became a mom, I brushed off these comments because I didn’t really … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Choose Raised Beds for Your Garden

There are numerous approaches you can use when growing fruits and vegetables. We use raised garden beds in our yard, and we’ve found this to be a wonderful approach. There is not necessarily one best way to garden; what’s best will depend on your specific situation. However, if you are … [Read more...]

Easy Handprint Bouquet Craft for Young Kids

I recently came across the idea of using a child’s handprint to make “flowers” for a bouquet. This seemed both cute and simple, so I decided to help my daughters make a variation of it to send to their grandmothers for Mother’s Day. Here’s how we made each bouquet. Supplies Construction … [Read more...]

Manners and Common Courtesies Toddlers Should Learn

A few days ago my toddler coughed and I realized that she made no effort to cover her mouth. This may not be unusual for a toddler, but it really stood out to this mama who was a nurse and public health professional before stepping out of the workplace to be a stay-at-home mom. I can’t believe I … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Honor Your Mother-in-Law

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of us are thinking about the moms in our lives, especially our own mothers and our mothers-in-law. While many of us know our own mothers quite well and can think of numerous ways to honor them, sometimes it’s more challenging to think of ways to … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Helping Young Kids Learn to Assemble Jigsaw Puzzles

Toddlers and preschoolers typically grasp how to assemble peg puzzles pretty quickly. This is because, in general, these puzzles have large, easy-to-grasp pieces that fit into obvious slots on a puzzle board. My toddler has grown bored with most peg puzzles because they are too easy for her. … [Read more...]

10 Really Cheap Foods that Are Also Really Nutritious

Keeping the grocery bill low is a challenge. It seems like this is especially true when I’m trying to purchase nutritious foods for my family. However, the reality is that healthy foods aren’t always expensive. By purchasing several unprocessed or minimally processed foods and cooking with them … [Read more...]