Rampant Reusing: Books

Do you need a new handbag, clock, or lamp? These items and many more can be created out of old books. Check out the many awesome options!

I would not arbitrarily encourage someone to destroy books (you can read here about various ways to get rid of books you no longer want or need). However, if you’ve decided to get rid of some books and you want to create something new with them, there are some really awesome options. These would be great uses for books that are damaged, outdated, or otherwise unsuitable for passing along to others.

Ways to Reuse Books

  • With the aid of basic sewing skills, fabric and premade handles can be added to the hardcover of a book to fashion a new handbag.

    Book handbag

    From curbly.com.

  • Simple brackets can be affixed to a wall and topped with books to make cute bookshelves.

    Book shelf

    From homedecor.sheknows.com.

  • Lamp components added to a stack of books with a hole drilled through them can be transformed into a unique lamp.

    Book lamp

    From junkmarketstyle.com.

  • Clock components can transform a timeless classic into a timepiece.

    Book clock

    From sheknows.com.

  • Postcards can almost effortlessly be created out of the covers of paperback books.

    Book cover postcards

    From apartmenttherapy.com.

  • An e-reader can be given a “real book” feel by making an old hardback book into a cover for it.

    Book e-reader cover

    From tablets.wonderhowto.com.

  • A delightful conversation piece can be created by crafting a planter out of two old books.

    Book planter

    From lindycottagehill.blogspot.com.

You can find more ideas on OF THE HEARTH’s Pinterest page. What uses have you found for old books?


  1. Charlotte Thiel says:

    “book”shelves. Clever. I’m still wondering it you haven’t seen the proliferation of books in my house to be writing all this just for me. You give me a lot to think about

    • Shannon says:

      You should try some of these!
      The book shelves are actually my favorite of those shown here. I wouldn’t mind having them in my living room (I love that the books are affixed to the wall in such a way that they aren’t damaged).

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