Rampant Reusing: Greeting Cards

Do you love getting cards in the mail from loved ones? I certainly do.

Do you need a postcard, wreath, or banner? These items and many more can be created out of used greeting cards. Check out these awesome options!

Though I loathe throwing the cards away, I don’t see any sense in stashing them away in a drawer where they contribute to clutter. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a number of awesome ways to reuse them.

Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards

  • A greeting card can be transformed into a postcard with one easy snip.

    Make postcards from greeting cards

    From mainerchick.com.

  • Beautiful wreaths can be fashioned with circles or other shapes cut from the fronts of cards. Though the two wreaths shown below are Christmas wreaths, you can make wreaths for other holidays if you have suitable cards.
    Make a wreath from greeting cards

    From bhg.com.

    Make a wreath from greeting cards 2

    From goodhousekeeping.com.

  • With some careful cutting and gluing, tiny baskets can be created out of the fronts of greeting cards.

    Make small baskets from greeting cards

    From cool2craft.com.

  • Flowers, animals, holiday scenes, and other images cut from greeting cards can be used as embellishments when scrapbooking.
  • Simple lacing or sewing cards can be made by punching holes in the fronts of greeting cards.

    Make a lacing card from a greeting card

    From thriftyfun.com.

  • Triangles, circles, and other shapes cut from greeting cards can be used to make banners and garlands.
    Make a garland from greeting cards

    From myfrugalhome.com.

    Make a banner from Christmas cards

    From bhg.com.

  • The fronts of greeting cards can be cut into pieces to create simple puzzles for the little ones.

    Make a puzzle from a greeting card

    From kidsactivitiesblog.com.

  • Beautiful ornaments can be crafted from cards after some meticulous cutting and gluing.

    Make a Christmas ornament from greeting cards

    From naturallymecreations.blogspot.com.

  • Gift tags and embellishments for wrapping paper can be made from card clippings.
  • With the help of acrylic disks and Modge Podge or a similar glue, lovely greeting cards can be preserved as coasters.

    Make coasters from greeting cards

    From craftideas.info.

You can find additional ideas on OF THE HEARTH’s Pinterest page. How do you reuse greeting cards?

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  1. some great ideas here, thanks for sharing 😀

  2. I love all these ideas. I have several years of cards to do some projects with. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks.

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