Rampant Reusing: Wire Hangers

While wire hangers can always be employed for their intended use (you know…hanging clothes), I’m not pleased with their performance in this capacity.

Ways to Reuse Wire Hangers | Do you have wire hangers around your home that take up space without providing benefit? Try these useful, fun, or creative ideas for reusing the hangers.

As a result, the wire hangers my husband and I have are currently taking up space without providing any benefit. Hopefully, with the help of the ideas listed below, this will change.

10 Ways to Reuse Wire Hangers

  1. Shape regular hangers into special hangers for your flip-flop sandals.

    Flip-flop sandal hangers.

    Flip-flop sandal hangers from epbot.com.

  2. Use a straightened hanger as a roasting stick for marshmallows or hot dogs. (Use unpainted hangers only!)
  3. Shape hangers into letters, then wrap with yarn to make word art.

    Word art.

    Word art from cfabbridesigns.com.

  4. Wrap a straightened hanger around the lip of a flower pot to create a ring. Then secure a second hanger to the ring so the flower pot can be hung.
  5. Shape a hanger into a circle and use it as a giant bubble wand.
  6. Create a photo, memo, or place card holder with a section of wire cut from a hanger.

    Photo, memo, or place card holder.

    Photo, memo, or place card holder from olivebites.blogspot.com.

  7. Manipulate hangers in multiple ways to build a trellis for plants.
  8. Remove hairballs from drains with a straightened hanger.
  9. Use a cut piece of wire from a hanger to plug an opened tube of caulk. Create a hook at one end of the cut piece so you can pull the plug out when it is time to use the caulk again.
  10. Make a catapult. (This would make a great rainy day activity for kids…or adults, I suppose!)

You can find more ideas on OF THE HEARTH’s Pinterest page. What uses have you found for old wire hangers?

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  1. Norma VanMatre says:

    I am so boring! Those ideas were great and I will be implementing some of them. I usually just return them to the dry cleaners or put them in the recycle bin! Thank you!

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