Summer 2013 Menu

After 3 months on our monthly menu for spring, we’re ready for a change (you can read more on why I plan monthly menus here). Our menu only includes dinner selections because we almost always eat leftovers with a side of fruit for lunch. For breakfasts I usually make a few items on the weekends and freeze them for easy preparation on busy weekday mornings. Our recent favorites include make ahead French toast and breakfast sandwiches (English muffin, egg, sausage, and cheese). Of course, some days we just settle for warm or cold breakfast cereals.

Summer 2013 Menu | What’s for dinner in my house during Summer 2013? Menu items range from traditional favorites like meatloaf to more novel flavors like panang curry chicken.

We use ground turkey in all of the dishes that include ground meat as an ingredient. We also use brown rice and whole grain pastas (although we use a mix of whole grain and regular pastas in some instances).

Week 1

  • Pepper jack chicken wraps, potato wedges, corn
  • Ham slices, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans
  • Taco salad
  • Chicken pesto pizza, green beans
  • Supreme tuna noodle casserole
  • Hamburgers, baked potatoes, carrots
  • Chicken pesto pasta with diced Roma tomatoes, garlic bread

Week 2

  • Pepper jack meatloaf, salsa rice, lima beans
  • Jambalaya over rice
  • Baked chicken fingers, roasted potatoes, green beans
  • Mexican tomato macaroni & cheese, carrots
  • Stroganoff on a bun, lima beans
  • Open
  • Eat out

Week 3

  • Tortellini tomato soup, cheesy bread
  • Cheeseburger pasta, corn
  • Baked ricotta spaghetti, green beans
  • Ham & Swiss penne, lima beans
  • Panang curry chicken over rice, mixed vegetables
  • Pepperoni pizza, green beans
  • Cheese quesadillas, tomato rice soup

Week 4

  • Sloppy Joe macaroni & cheese, carrots
  • Grilled spicy lemon chicken over rice, green beans
  • Open-faced Monte Cristo sandwiches, corn
  • Spaghetti with meat marinara sauce, green beans
  • Chicken & gravy over rice, carrots
  • Open
  • Eat out

I’ll post recipes for some of the dishes on the menu over the next few weeks.

What are you eating this summer? Have you found any new recipes you are eager to try?


  1. Great variety (which I’ve kind of come to expect from you)! I’ll be watching for those recipes.

  2. Lindsey says:


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