7 Tips for Keeping Your House Tidy Between Cleanings

One of the most frequent questions I get asked here on Of The Hearth is if my cleaning schedule really works. The answer is simple: Yes, it absolutely works. Every room in my house gets cleaned on a regular basis. However, once I clean a room, several days will pass before I clean it again. … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Furnace Filter

Every time I purchase furnace filters, I stare at the wide variety available and wonder which to purchase. Should I just get the most affordable? Is there really any benefit to the pricy ones that filter micro-allergens and have odor reduction? If you’ve ever wondered the same things, then … [Read more...]

A Skill You Must Master In Order to Get Things Done When You Have Young Kids

There are a lot of skills you must master when you become a parent. You eventually get comfortable and confident in your new role and are able to balance parenthood with all of the other tasks you face. I felt I arrived at this point about the time I found out I was expecting my second child. … [Read more...]

22 Uses for Citrus Peels

Many of us toss the peels in the trash after eating an orange or squeezing juice from a lemon. This is a terrible habit because there are actually dozens of uses for these peels! Not only have these uses reduced the amount of trash I throw out, but I’m discovering that they can help me save … [Read more...]

Cleanup Songs for Young Children

It’s critical that we teach our young children how to pick up after themselves. Not only does this help us keep our homes clean, but it provides our kids with a solid foundation for other important life skills. As you’ve likely discovered, keeping kids on task while they clean up isn’t easy. … [Read more...]

Achieving Mutual Victory in the Chore War

Many couples in our country experience tension and strife when deciding which spouse should complete which chores. This phenomenon is often referred to as the chore war. It’s quite possible that couples in past eras didn’t experience this because gender roles were clearly defined (i.e., … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Useful Printables on Of The Hearth

There are few things I love sharing with you more than printables. I enjoy sharing these so much because I use several on an everyday basis in order to keep my own home organized! Though all of my printables are useful (view them here), I have learned over the last couple of years that some … [Read more...]

Is Rinse Aid in Your Dishwasher Really Beneficial?

Dishwasher rinse aid is a relatively new concept to me. I don’t recall seeing or hearing about rinse aid products when I was a child, nor do I recall there being a special spot in the dishwasher where you were supposed to deposit one of these products. I’ve ignored the rinse aid reservoirs in … [Read more...]

Revisions and Customizations to My Cleaning Schedule

After sharing back in October of 2013 about my inability to find an effective cleaning schedule, I quickly learned that many of you shared the same struggle! My solution was to develop a cleaning schedule that was unique to my needs. My biggest quibble with the cleaning schedules I had seen … [Read more...]

Interpreting Laundry Care Symbols

Last week I got a new clothing item for my daughter. This was a unique item (ScratchSleeves), so I wanted to be sure I didn’t damage it when I washed it. Unfortunately, I was very confused by the laundering instructions provided with the item: I had to search a bit, but I figured out what all … [Read more...]