Easy Ways to Open and Serve Hard-to-Cut Fruits

My toddler ate fresh pineapple for the first time a couple of weeks ago and she loved it! I found pineapples on sale this week, so I purchased one and now it is sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me to work up the initiative to slice it. I have to work up the initiative because I’ve … [Read more...]

Cost of Homemade vs. Prepackaged Breakfast Sandwiches

Homemade foods tend to be healthier and often cost less than their prepackaged counterparts. Thus, whenever possible, I try to make homemade varieties. Sometimes I wonder if it is really more affordable to make homemade versions. This week my husband and I crunched some numbers so we could … [Read more...]

12 Flavorful Ways to Marinate Chicken

We tend to eat a lot of chicken. In fact, we eat so much of it that sometimes I get tired of it! Without a little creativity, it just gets old. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to jazz up chicken so it’s not boring. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is to use marinades. … [Read more...]

Why Do Fruits Ripen so Quickly When Placed in Paper Bags?

I’ve always heard that you can accelerate the ripening of fruits by placing them in paper sacks. I know from personal experience that this works quite well, but why is this? The curious side of me can’t help but wonder what is so special about paper sacks. According to this cooking website, … [Read more...]

Healthy, Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast Options

You, the readers who comprise the community here at Of The Hearth, often ask thought-provoking questions in your comments and emails. It’s likely that these questions are shared by many readers, so I’ve decided to answer some in posts. I hope you will contribute by adding your input in the … [Read more...]

How to Get Toddlers to Enjoy Vegetables

By the time most children enter toddlerhood, they’ve tasted enough flavors to realize that some foods taste a lot better than others! This, combined with their inability to sit still for long periods of time, often turns toddlers into picky eaters. Vegetables are frequently the first foods … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Increase Your Consumption of Vegetables

Do you love vegetables or do you view them as necessary evils? I really enjoy a number of them, but there are also many that I don’t like. My husband enjoys far fewer than I do, so we struggle to eat recommended amounts of these very important foods. Because the health benefits of diets rich … [Read more...]

Food Safety at Barbecues and Picnics

‘Tis the season for picnics and barbecues. I’m eager to eat a juicy burger, flavorful baked beans, and refreshing watermelon. What I’m not eager for is foodborne illness, a surprisingly common consequence of improper food handling at these gatherings. Fortunately, several commonsense measures can … [Read more...]

Oat Outburst! (Oat Information and Recipe Roundup)

Given that oats are nutritious, affordable, and versatile, it’s no wonder that a warm, hearty bowl of oatmeal can help me have a great start to the day. Unfortunately, at first glance, oats can seem kind of boring. They’re not, though! There are so many delicious was to prepare them. Need … [Read more...]

Handling the Endless Work of Homemaking

Not long after I got married I realized that the work of a homemaker is never complete. There is no 9-to-5 work schedule. There are no days off for the weekends or holidays. There aren’t even meal breaks. Instead, the sink fills with dishes every day—especially on weekends and holidays. The … [Read more...]