Finding Time for Friendship

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with some friends about how busy life seems. We all agreed that when we were single and first married, we thought we were busy (and, to be fair, we did have many important things that occupied our time). However, now that we’re in the trenches of parenthood, we … [Read more...]

Fostering Friendship with Your Spouse

One of the things I appreciate most about marriage is having a good friend who I see and speak with every day. Back when we first got married, my husband and I found it easy to cultivate our friendship. However, as the demands on our time and energy have increased—particularly since becoming … [Read more...]

How to Have a Hospitality-Ready Heart

Last week we looked at some ways to have hospitality-ready homes. I mentioned several practical strategies, but one strategy—preparing to welcome guests with genuine enthusiasm—is not practical. Instead, it relates to the state of our hearts. In trying to prepare my heart for hospitality, … [Read more...]

How to Have a Hospitality-Ready Home

This last summer, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, our AC stopped working. It was June and we live in southeast Texas, so you can imagine how hot it was in our house! I’ll never forget how two gracious friends invited us to stay with them until technicians were able to fix our AC. They had no warning, … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Remember Names

I have such a hard time remembering names. I’ll sometimes know a person for weeks and have asked his or her name several times and still not remember! Though this seems like an inconsequential quirk, it’s something I’ve been working to change because I believe it really means something to a … [Read more...]

Printable Candy Heart Encouragement Notes

As I noted in my last post, husbands benefit greatly from words of encouragement. It is great to speak these to our husbands, but it’s also nice to put them in notes that we can stick in their lunchboxes, tape to their steering wheels, or leave on their pillows. Because Valentine’s Day is just … [Read more...]

7 Things Christians Can Do To Promote Racial Unity

The Bible is clear that all mankind is made in the image of God and that He shows no partiality towards people of any race (Genesis 1:27, Acts 10:34-35, Romans 2:9-11). Despite this and years of hard work by individuals promoting unity and equality, there is still a lot of racial discord in our … [Read more...]

Book Review: Under Our Skin

You’d have to be living with your head buried in the sand to be unaware of the racial tensions that Americans face today. In an attempt to deepen my understanding of these tensions, I recently read Under Our Skin, a book written by an NFL player and commentator on social media named Benjamin … [Read more...]

Calling Others on the Phone Can Be Hard—But It’s Worth It!

Today’s post is from AnneMarie, a guest contributor from Sacrifice of Love. I quickly peeled the foil wrapper off of the chocolate and popped the dark, slightly bitter morsel into my mouth. As I savored the creamy texture, my eyes glanced down at the wrapper that now lay empty on the table. A … [Read more...]

Gifts for the Newlyweds Who Don’t Need Much

Today’s post is from AnneMarie, a guest contributor from Sacrifice of Love. As summer begins each year, my refrigerator typically begins to showcase at least one or two wedding invitations. Each wedding brings a lot of excitement, fun, and anticipation…and gift-giving. I like giving and … [Read more...]