The Surprising Environmental Impact of Clothing

Last year I read a couple of eye-opening articles about how clothing impacts the environment. The impact of the manufacturing of clothing, our use of clothes, and how we discard unwanted items is pretty shocking! We’re causing significant harm to the environment with items as seemingly innocuous as … [Read more...]

22 Uses for Citrus Peels

Many of us toss the peels in the trash after eating an orange or squeezing juice from a lemon. This is a terrible habit because there are actually dozens of uses for these peels! Not only have these uses reduced the amount of trash I throw out, but I’m discovering that they can help me save … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Cloth Diaper (Part 2)

Last week we began looking at factors that parents should consider when deciding if disposable or cloth diapers are best for their families. We discussed the financial implications of cloth diapering, if cloth diapers are “greener” than disposables, and what it takes to wash cloth … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Cloth Diaper (Part 1)

Many couples know what type of diapers they will use before they even become pregnant. They know there is absolutely no way they will use cloth diapers or they feel strongly that cloth is the only way to go. Other couples need to engage in lengthy deliberations before deciding which are best for … [Read more...]

6 Things Children Can Learn From Gardening

We finally have a yard large enough to accommodate several raised garden beds. With the clumsy help of my toddler, I recently moved my plants from their starter pots into two large beds. I’m thrilled to be introducing my daughter to gardening because there are so many lessons—truly crucial … [Read more...]

Is Rinse Aid in Your Dishwasher Really Beneficial?

Dishwasher rinse aid is a relatively new concept to me. I don’t recall seeing or hearing about rinse aid products when I was a child, nor do I recall there being a special spot in the dishwasher where you were supposed to deposit one of these products. I’ve ignored the rinse aid reservoirs in … [Read more...]

7 Wonderful Things About Living in a Small Home

I absolutely love our new house. One of the many fantastic things about it is that we have room to grow. It is 1,100 sq. ft. larger than our previous house, giving us an additional bedroom, an additional bathroom, and more living space than we had before. We’re so grateful for the additional … [Read more...]

Rampant Reusing: License Plates

As I changed the license plates on my car a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I’ve gone through several sets of plates in the last decade and a half. There has to be something creative I can do with the old plates instead of tossing them in the trash or letting them collect dust in a … [Read more...]

Digital Bible or Printed Bible? Does it Matter Which You Use?

A couple of years ago I sat in church feeling a little unsettled at the number of congregants I saw around me using their phones. Were these individuals really sending text messages or checking social media during the sermon? It took me a few weeks to realize that they were actually using their … [Read more...]

Ways to Conserve Water Outside the Home

Last week we looked at dozens of ways we can conserve water in the home. Water conservation outside the home is just as important. In fact, given how much water is used in yards, it may be even more important! Water use outside the home is so critical because urban lawn watering is the single … [Read more...]