Supporting Our Husbands as They Practice Hospitality

Though I tend to think of hospitality as “women’s work,” I realized a few weeks ago that in my household it is actually my husband who tends to realize when it’s been a while since we’ve had guests over. I’ve also noticed that in the Bible, men played prominent roles in hospitality (e.g., Genesis … [Read more...]

Creating a Home with a God-Honoring Aura

Since writing several months ago about home decorating considerations for Christian women, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my home. If the comments left on that post are any indication, it also struck a chord with many of you. The way in which a home is decorated contributes to its … [Read more...]

Encourage Others in Hospitality: Be a Good Dinner Guest

When I think about hospitality, I often consider ways my husband and I can bless others in our home. Which friends can we invite over for fellowship? Are family or friends in need of a place to stay while vacationing in the area? Can we host a baby shower or birthday party for a friend? It … [Read more...]

Home Decorating Considerations for Christian Women

How is your home decorated? Do you use crisp lines and abstract patterns to create a modern look? Do you utilize antiques and fine fabrics to create a vintage look? My husband and I are still creating a unique look for the home we purchased one year ago. It’s been a bit of a … [Read more...]

Hospitality in a Less-Than-Perfect House

I am so grateful for the house my husband and I own. We are blessed to have a home we can afford that is cozy and has every feature we need. Though we are quite pleased with it, you’ll never see it grace the cover of a home decorating magazine. Why? There is nothing remarkable about the architecture … [Read more...]

Healthy Game Day Snacks

The biggest football game of the year is just over a week away. Traditional game day snack menus feature everything from fried chicken and bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies to loaded nachos and pizza. While some of these options are tempting, I’m considering some healthier alternatives. I will not … [Read more...]