Eating Out While On a Tight Budget

You can generally prepare a homemade meal for the entire family for the price of one entrée at a restaurant. Subsequently, if you’re on a tight budget, then eating out probably isn’t something you should do very often! This is a somewhat discouraging reality for many of us. My household is on … [Read more...]

7 Wonderful Things About Living in a Small Home

I absolutely love our new house. One of the many fantastic things about it is that we have room to grow. It is 1,100 sq. ft. larger than our previous house, giving us an additional bedroom, an additional bathroom, and more living space than we had before. We’re so grateful for the additional … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: How to Pay for Christmas

Most of us find it difficult, if not impossible, to finance Christmas out of December’s paychecks alone. That’s why in today’s installment of Christmas in July we’re going to discuss how to pay for Christmas. The Christmas in July series is all about planning ahead in order to avoid a … [Read more...]

Supporting Your Husband Through Job Changes

Job changes are common throughout the careers of most men. As wives, we are uniquely positioned to support our husbands as they experience both positive and negative changes in their work. My husband recently found himself at a crossroads in regard to his career. When this happened, I began … [Read more...]

Affording Stay-At-Home Motherhood

I love telling stories about when my husband and I first met. One of the best stories is how he, during our very first interaction, asked me how many children I wanted. His question didn’t bother me and it set the tone for open, honest communication in our relationship. Given this initial … [Read more...]

Caring for Your Family by Purchasing Life Insurance

Big changes in life provide opportunities to reevaluate your family’s financial needs. We’ve been reevaluating our needs, including our life insurance needs, as we prepare to welcome our baby girl. Personally, I don’t enjoy talking about finances in general. The specific topic of life … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Paying for Christmas Gifts with Credit Card Points

The cost of Christmas gifts can really add up. In today’s installment of Christmas in July 2014, we’ll look at a novel way to pay for Christmas gifts. If you missed the initial installment (which describes the purpose of Christmas in July), you can read it here. Credit cards are a contentious … [Read more...]

Growing to Love My Mismatched Furniture

My husband and I are experiencing some challenges as we rearrange to make room for the baby we will welcome this fall. Though it is sufficient, our townhome will never be described as spacious. When its small size is coupled with our motley assortment of furniture, it becomes challenging to find … [Read more...]

Defining Simplicity

After writing about materialism earlier this week, I’ve been thinking about money and possessions. I’ve also been considering these things because my husband and I are reworking our budget in preparation for our baby that is due in October. When I consider money and possessions, my thoughts often … [Read more...]

Resisting Materialism

Having a baby is one experience that will open your eyes to how pervasive materialism is in our culture. My husband and I need things for the baby and I need new clothes to accommodate my growing belly. However, as we shop, I sometimes begin confusing my genuine needs with wants. Materialism … [Read more...]