Talking About Money with Your Spouse

Whether you’ve been married 5 years or 50 years, the activities of daily life necessitate that you and your spouse make decisions about money. These decisions are often preceded (or followed, in some cases) by tense and unpleasant discussions. My husband and I have similar views on money and … [Read more...]

Tips on Tipping

While I was traveling recently I realized that I’m confused about the finer aspects of tipping. In the U.S., it’s considered proper etiquette to tip a number of individuals, including wait staff, bellhops, and taxi drivers. Why do we tip these individuals and not others? We tip pizza delivery … [Read more...]

Does Healthy Eating Really Cost More?

A common complaint about healthy eating is that it’s expensive. I tend to share the perception that it’s costly. After all, when I grocery shop, fresh fruits and vegetables certainly appear to cost more than processed junk foods. I have wondered, though, if it really costs more to eat healthily … [Read more...]

Emergency Fund Basics

How would you make ends meet if your family experienced a job loss? If one of you developed a serious illness, would you be able to pay the medical bills? Though challenges such as these occur without notice, you can be prepared to handle their financial implications by diligently creating an … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 3)

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at several basic credit-related topics. Today we’ll take a final look at the finer details of credit by examining what factors influence credit scores and how to build good credit. How different parts of your credit history impact your credit score As noted … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 2)

Last week we looked at the definition of credit and at reasons to have credit (even for individuals who strive to live debt free). Today we’ll continue our look at the finer details of credit. Requesting a credit report The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act is a federal law that … [Read more...]

Clarifying Credit (Part 1)

Many of you know that my husband and I strive toward debt-free living. We avoid taking on new debt and we work hard to pay off our existing debt, which includes student loans, our mortgage, and a small amount we owe on my husband’s car. Though we’ve gleaned a lot of information about credit … [Read more...]