Surviving Pregnancy in the Summer

Heat and humidity are uncomfortable for most people, but they can be especially burdensome for women who are pregnant. Fortunately, I’ve found that the unpleasant effects of the heat and humidity can be mitigated by several simple strategies. Whether you’re pregnant or not, these strategies … [Read more...]

Making Pregnancy Special for Expectant Dads

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time for moms-to-be: feeling the baby move, getting showered with attention from loved ones and strangers alike, being invited to participate in expectant mom programs offered by hospitals and retailers, etc. Though pregnancy is special for dads-to-be, too, … [Read more...]

Overcoming Marital Conflicts That Are Common During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most wondrous times in a couple’s relationship. Paradoxically, it can be a time riddled with challenges and unique conflicts. My husband and I know from our experience and from what other couples have shared with us that there are some topics that almost inevitably … [Read more...]

Affording Maternity Clothes

My frugal sensibilities find it difficult to spend a lot of money on clothes. It comes as no surprise that it’s especially difficult to purchase clothing items that are designed to be worn for the relatively short period of time that comprises pregnancy! Fortunately, I’m visiting a couple of … [Read more...]

Celebrating New Life This Easter

On Wednesday I shared about what it means to wait on the Lord. I alluded to the difficulty my husband and I have had trying to conceive. After trying to get pregnant for longer than we ever thought we’d have to try, we received some devastating news from my doctor in January. However, our God—our … [Read more...]