3 Toddler Activities Using Cardboard Shape Cutouts

Several weeks ago I wanted to let my toddler paint, but all of the paper we have around the house gets too wet and tears when she uses paint on it. I decided to cut some shapes out of cardboard for her to paint. I figured the cardboard wouldn’t tear and we could talk about the shapes to help … [Read more...]

Cleanup Songs for Young Children

It’s critical that we teach our young children how to pick up after themselves. Not only does this help us keep our homes clean, but it provides our kids with a solid foundation for other important life skills. As you’ve likely discovered, keeping kids on task while they clean up isn’t easy. … [Read more...]

FUNtastic Tools for Teaching Toddlers About Colors

I love it when my 23-month-old toddler walks up to me and identifies an object using both an adjective and a noun. Currently, a lot of the adjectives she uses are colors: purple car, black bear, orange ball, etc. Though I’ve always mentioned colors when talking with her about the things … [Read more...]

Instilling Good Dental Health Habits in Toddlers

My toddler has a bit of a love-hate relationship with her toothbrush. She enjoys chewing on it and sucking training toothpaste off of it, but she’s generally displeased with it when I use it to scrub her teeth. Though brushing her teeth can be an ordeal, I do it twice each day because I want … [Read more...]

8 Indoor Activities that Get Toddlers Moving

By the time evening rolls around, you can tell from my toddler’s behavior if we were able to go outside and play that day or not. She’s full of energy, quick to roughhouse, and sometimes irritable on days when the weather or a busy schedule keeps us indoors. On the other hand, she’s generally … [Read more...]

Equipping Toddlers with New Skills

Many parents find themselves in one of two extreme camps. They either expect their children to grow up more quickly than is realistic or they do things that inhibit their children from growing up at the proper pace. Parents in the former group may expect their newborns to be able to sleep through … [Read more...]

Getting Time with Your Spouse When You Have No Babysitter for the Kids

One-on-one time with your spouse is beneficial in any marriage relationship, but it takes on new importance and is particularly elusive for parents of young children. At first glance, it seems like finding alone time is simple: Just leave the kids with a sitter for a few hours! However, for … [Read more...]

6 Things Children Can Learn From Gardening

We finally have a yard large enough to accommodate several raised garden beds. With the clumsy help of my toddler, I recently moved my plants from their starter pots into two large beds. I’m thrilled to be introducing my daughter to gardening because there are so many lessons—truly crucial … [Read more...]

Road Tripping with a Toddler: Tips for an Enjoyable Ride

The only thing more intimidating than taking a road trip with an infant is taking one with a toddler. Fortunately, as is the case when road tripping with a baby, a little planning and creativity can help things go smoothly and enjoyably. Please note that this post contains some affiliate … [Read more...]

The Best Low-Tech Toddler Toys

Toddler toys that are embellished with flashing lights and blasting sounds abound in toy stores. Like most toddlers, my daughter is drawn to these. However, despite her initial interest, they don’t hold her attention for very long. She favors battery-free toys that are simple and versatile. I … [Read more...]