Welcoming New Neighbors

A “For Rent” sign recently went up in the window of a nearby house. This means we’ll likely have new neighbors moving in soon.

A great way to establish good relationships with your neighbors is to welcome new ones as they move in. Here are 6 ideas for welcoming new neighbors.
I’ve noted previously that Americans have experienced a decline in their sense of connectedness with their neighbors. If we are to carry out the Biblical command to love our neighbors (Matthew 22:36-40), then we need to find ways to get to know those who live around us. Welcoming them to the neighborhood when they first move in is a great way to get started!

My first inclination is to take by a plate of cookies. This approach is simple, but can be effective. There are much more creative approaches that can be used, too. Check out these awesome ideas I’ve found (click on each image to view its original source).

Ideas for welcoming new neighbors

  • Mique at Thirty Handmade Days created this printable where you can document your favorites (favorite restaurant, favorite park, etc.) to share with new neighbors. I love this idea because it is so useful!Welcome to the Neighborhood from 30 Handmade Days
  • Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer featured a guest post that described how to make a DIY welcome map for new neighbors. This is a very creative way to share your local favorites with new neighbors. DIY Map gift for new neighbor from Reluctant Entertainer
  • Jessica at Definitely. Maybe. created this little gift basket for her new neighbors. It contained sponges, a dishcloth, dish soap, a loaf of chocolate bread, and contact information for her household. I think this is a great idea because it contains items that are practical and something that is fun. New Neighbor Gift Basket from Definitely Maybe
  • Amy at Weiland Warriors shared the idea of giving tortilla chips and salsa to new neighbors. She placed a note on a salsa jar with this cute message: “Let us know if we can ‘chip’ in and help with anything. Welcome to the neighborhood!” This is such a great idea for those times when you don’t have time to bake or run around gathering supplies. Many of us have chips and salsa on hand or can easily grab some next time we are at the grocery store. Chip In And Help gift from Weiland Warriors
  • Ashley at Simply Designing suggested giving your neighbors dinner in a basket. All it takes is a basket, some pasta, and some pasta sauce. This would be great for new neighbors who may not have had an opportunity to stock up on groceries yet. Dinner in a Basket from Simply Designing
  • Julie at Like a Pretty Petunia gave her new neighbors supplies to make s’mores. This is another simple gift that can be assembled affordably. It’s especially nice for neighbors who move in during the summer months. Smore gift for neighbors from Like a Pretty Petunia

What ideas can you add? How do you like to welcome new neighbors?

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  1. I know God led me to this post…..

    I am the new neighbor in my neighborhood. My hubby and I moved in December during horrible weather.

    NO ONE waved, offered to help or even looked at us!!

    Its now May and only 2 neighbors even say hi. It has been so depressing. We left behind our friends and family by moving hours away from all that we know.

    I was hoping to make friends in my new town/neighborhood. People are just too neglectful or self absorbed in their own lives.

    I’m trying very hard to NOT take it personally.


    • Shannon says:

      Hi Wanda,

      That sounds terrible! I hope you find ways to reach out and connect despite your neighbors’ lack of interest.

      Your story makes me all the more determined to welcome new neighbors in my neighborhood!

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