Flag Code Primer for U.S. Households

My daughter and I go for a walk through our neighborhood almost every day. There are many things I love about our neighborhood, including the way many of our neighbors show their pride in our country and their support of our troops by flying the U.S. flag. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that many of my neighbors fly their flags in manners that violate U.S. Flag Code.

What is this Flag Code of which I speak? The Flag Code is a guide that contains the federal government’s instructions and rules on how the U.S. flag should be handled and displayed. It is important to note that the Flag Code does not dictate penalties for mishandling of the flag. In other words, federal authorities aren’t going to chase you down and arrest you if you violate the code! However, propriety and respect for our country and the men and women who have fought to preserve it dictate that we adhere to the code.

Here are the guidelines that U.S. households should follow when displaying the flag.

Flag Code Primer for U.S. Households

(Click on the image to view and download a larger, printable version of the primer.)

This image contains the Flag Code components that are particularly relevant to homeowners who want to display the flag outside of their homes. It does not summarize the entire Flag Code. Please refer to the Flag Code itself (cited at the bottom of the image) if you need additional details on how to handle and display the flag.

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  1. Shannon, thank you for this! I’m saving the image for reference. It’s really sad, but I just don’t think there’s much education done about this. When my siblings and I attended an elementary and middle school for two years, none of us (and we covered a variety of grade levels) were instructed about proper flag etiquette. I think there could definitely be a lot more done to help youth learn proper respect and etiquette in their patriotism, especially as Flag Day is tomorrow, and the 4th of July is in just a few weeks!

    • Hi AnneMarie,
      I think schools have so much trouble effectively teaching the basics (math, reading, etc.) these days that things like flag etiquette aren’t even on their radar.

  2. Saved & shared!! Many thanks for linking up at Titus 2 Tuesdays!

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