Rampant Reusing: Old Socks

Ways to Reuse Old Socks | Instead of throwing away my old socks, I found some useful, fun, and creative ways to reuse them.

I knew it was time to buy new socks when I could feel the cold tile floor against my bare feet after putting on a pair of my old socks. Before throwing out my old ones, I looked into some ways I could reuse them.

10 Ways to Reuse Old Socks

  1. Use socks to customize flower pots. Simply slip a sock over a pot and cut the toe portion off so the pot remains stable.

    socks on pots

    From greenecoservices.com.

  2. Slip a baggie of ice cubes or a reusable ice pack into a sock before using it to soothe bruises or sore muscles.
  3. Fill a long sock (such as a knee-high) with rice or beans. Sew the end closed and place it at the base of a door as a draft protector.

    Draft snake

    From fabandfru.com.

  4. When packing a suitcase, cover shoes with old socks to keep any dirt on the shoes from transferring to the clothes packed in the same suitcase.
  5. Place long socks over windshield wiper blades on cold, moist winter nights to prevent frost from forming on the blades. This will reduce the amount of scraping you have to do before you can drive in the morning.
  6. Sew the tube portion of a sock into a gadget cozy.

    Gadget cozy

    From skiptomylou.org.

  7. Use socks as rags or mitts when cleaning around the house or garage.
  8. Fashion a sock into a horse’s head to make a hobby horse toy.

    Hobby Horse

    From radmegan.blogspot.com.

  9. If only one sock of a pair has developed holes or is threadbare, you can always pair it with another lone sock and wear a mismatched pair. Who knows…maybe you’ll start a fashion trend!
  10. Place a tennis ball in the heel of a sock and tie knots on either side of the ball to create a simple dog toy.

    Dog Toy

    From thecozycondo.blogspot.com.

You can find more ideas on OF THE HEARTH’s Pinterest Page. What uses have you found for old socks?

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  1. Cool ideas! I just found your site when searching for sock craft ideas. I’m going to try the flower pot one.

    • I’m glad you found the site. I thought that idea was cute, too, but I’ll have to wait on it—all of the old socks I have right now are plain white.

  2. Great ideas for socks! Who would have thought?! The dog toy is first on my list.

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  2. […] Rampant Reusing: Old Socks […]

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