The True Light

It is still dark outside when I get up in the morning. In the weeks preceding Christmas, I like to turn on our Christmas tree lights when I rise so I can watch their bright, colorful glow dispel the darkness. These beautiful lights remind me of the incomparable brightness of our True Light.

The True Light | The bright, beautiful Christmas lights are a reminder of the incomparable brightness of God, our True Light.

Without physical light, we’d stumble around and be unable to work or play once the sun goes down. Our True Light also dispels darkens, illuminating the truth of salvation and giving us purpose in our work and play (John 8:12, 1 Corinthians 10:31).

The sun, the brightest physical light, demarcates time and provides direction. By watching it move across the sky, we can tell morning from evening and east from west. Our True Light is the very creator of time (Genesis 1:3-5). His precepts, which we read in the Bible, provide direction. They guide us to steer clear of sin and stay on the path of holy living (Psalm 119:2-4).

The light of the sun plays an even more critical role than those mentioned above: It gives life. Without it, life on earth would cease to exist. Our True Light also gives life. For those of us who’ve put our faith in Him, He gives abundant life here on earth and eternal life in heaven after our physical deaths (John 10:10).

As we enjoy the Christmas lights this year, let’s remember God—our True Light—and all He means to us.

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